Childrens Workshop & Family Concert

Fun for all the family!!

We are very excited to announce that Nico Brown and Martin Brunsden aka ‘nicoandmartin’ will be joining us to provide fun filled musical events for the youngest of festival goers and their families. Their participatory style of free, fun and endearingly chaotic music making has kept families entertained worldwide.

You won’t want to miss their shows!!

Seashore Show – Saturday 26th   10.15 – 11.15am

Sound travels faster under water! Nico and Martin invite families with children up to 12 yrs of age to dive into the sea with them for a gentle participatory hour. There will be a chance to hear and play musical instruments both strange and familiar, hear songs and stories and play games…. and quite possibly meet pirates!!

Instant Orchestra – Sunday 27th   2.30 – 3.30pm

How often do you get the chance to play in an orchestra? To jam with family, friends and strangers – even if you’ve never played an instrument before? Suitable for adults and children off all ages, Nico and Martin will introduce participants to the fun of joining an Angklung (tuned bamboo rattle from Java) Orchestra. After some fun warm-up games and songs, participants are divided into groups according to the pitch of the Angklung being played. Now it is time to produce patterns, rhythms and dynamics no one can predict. Nico and Martin accompany on double bass, accordion or piano. Anybody can, and does, take a turn at being the conductor to create a piece for all to play.

Booking here for these fun filled family events.