Tlen Huicani

Founded in 1973 by legendary harpist Alberto De La Rosa Tlen Huicani (The Singers in Nahuatl, Uto-Aztecan language) has devoted itself to spreading the music from Veracruz. This music, known as Jarocha, is performed with harp accompanied by small guitars called Jaranas along with happy, festive singing. Their repertoire is shaped by traditional Mexican melodies and rhythms.

Tlen Huicani have performed in over 60 countries and participated in many folk festivals throughout the world. The band has expanded its musical boundaries by performing music from different eras and places, giving the Arpa Jarocha a universal dimension.

Tlen Huicani have performed with the Symphony Orchestras from Mexico, United States, Colombia, Paraguay and Spain. They have received many awards from Educational, Cultural and Government organisations throughout the world. The National Association – Union Mexicana de Cronista de Teatro y Musica – named Tlen Huicani “The best folk music group in Mexico”.