Lune Bleue Trio

Lune Bleue Trio, from Brittany in France are, Clotilde Trouillaud-Harp, Erwan Berenguer-Guitar, Jean-Marie Stephant-Drums.

Harpist and composer, Clotilde Trouillaud participated in multiple musical experiences before developing her own universal compositions. With two solo albums, Clotilde is recognized today for her delicate compostitions, full of character. Clotilde has been invited to perform at numerous international festivals.

Lune Bleue Trio is Clotilde’s creation, with both her and guitarist Erwan having been recognized for their ability to perform with talent in musical universes to the fringes of jazz, folk, and traditional music. The trio explores the universe imagined by Clotilde; a new way of sifting original writing or melancholy melodies encountering the fecundity of traditional music. Lune Bleue is the expression of an emotion, a feeling, a history, the creation of a warm atmosphere evoked to share with the listener captivated by an intervention, an impression, or a simple sound of silence.
The Trio regularly teaching, or give courses in their chosen music. The trio prepare various possible interventions.

2016 Lune Bleue trio
2014 Clotilde Trouillaud, Lune Bleue – solo (Distr. Coop Breizh)
2012 Trad Breton music for BMG Japan with Jacky Molard-fiddle, Eric Liorzou- guitar, Ffran May-singing, Gael Nicol-bombard, Thomas Bocher-flûte, Clotilde Trouilaud-harp
2011 Clotilde Trouillaud, Solo (Distr. Coop Breizh)
2008 Fileuses de Nuit, En caravane – trio (Distr. Coop Breizh)
2008 Sylbàt, Mara (Distr Keltia Musique)
2005 Fileuses de Nuit, Trio de harpes (Distr Coop Breizh)


‘Far from being an umpteenth opus of the genre, Trouillaud’s ‘Lune Bleue’, by its compositions and sonorous purity, show absolute mastery of the instrument’
– The Telegram, Gérard Classe

‘Clotilde is a harpist and composer who knows her instrument very well. She has something to say and is not afraid to explore many musical avenues to share with us.’
– U.S. Folk Harp Journal – Martha Gallagher

‘Rather than a concert, this very personal abum is enjoyed on a low fire, with a pearled wine that gently stirs in the mouth.’
– Le Canard Folk, Marc Baudouin (Belgium)

Lune Bleue Trio Live :

Cruitirí | Harpers